After the design we are excited to start with the actual construction process. It would have been impossible without having the best people and suppliers on our side.

Right from the start and the smallest detail (screw) till the very end and the most important finishes they are always there.Always there, always to help throughout the process. We have made our choices we know our suppliers and they know us and we are happy for it.

Either it is some cubes of building sand either it is sanitary ware and tiles everything is very important in the construction chain. Our suppliers deliver in in the best professional way

Tile+ Bathroom


Ferreiras has been crafting beautiful spaces in excess of 35 years, and we pride ourselves in the fact that, since its inception, we have been at the forefront of supplying the latest trends in the world of interior design and finishes.It’s about attention to detail – from the most intimate trim to a floor of porcelain, or a shiny mixer to a sexy shower, you’ll find elegance in every detail, and splendour in every perfectly integrated design.