XYZ group is formed in order to deliver cutting edge design homes. Our specialty, expertise and focus are the design and the functionality of a unit. These elements give a timeless feeling to a building

Construction  feels more like creating an art work, depending the way you attend to the entire procedure. Careful planning completes the artwork, brings the project into life and real people live inside the building. XYZ knows that building is not only an investment but an entire life’s dream.

Every project is unique and so are the people that utilize the spaces within it. Our education as structural engineers, architects and our practice as project managers in large scale projects throughout the years ensures that XYZ can design different better and deliver to your satisfaction.


We design executive projects. Open plan spaces, double volume areas and natural flow are some basic characteristics of our designs.


We do project manage and plan with attention in order the designs to come to life. Material orders, deliveries subcontractors and careful installation is our daily routine and we enjoy it!


We do start from scratch, from buying the land to the completion of a construction project everything forms part of a turnkey solution!