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Are you a car enthusiast? Then we’re willing to bet that you have a fantastic garage at your home for looking after your precious vehicles, but have you chosen the right garage door? Depending on which one you opt for, you could be either making the most of your garage or selling it a little short, so we thought it might be a great idea to show you a number of modern options! If interior designers were charged with choosing amazing doors for you, we think they’d be selecting one of these options, but as they don’t generally look after gorgeous garages, the choice is up to you! So which style would you like the best?

1. Heavy and black.

These sturdy metal garage doors are just the ticket for protecting your cars and still adding some really envy-inducing style to the front of your home! The paneled detailing looks so much more high end than a smooth slab would have and the color choice is really authoritative!

2. Non-solid and stunning.

How’s this for a modern and unusual way to barricade your cars away from the street? Instead of a standard garage, the whole driveway is a car parking zone, with this lovely striated metal door in place to keep everything secure! It looks amazing!

3. Wide and wonderful.

Faced with a garage like this one, a lot of people would have opted for a central pillar and two doors, but we are huge fans of this amazing single door that spans the whole width! It looks contemporary and sleek, but still incredibly secure as well.

4. Glorious grid work.

When you have a stunning home with bright colored inserts, why would you want to hide that away behind a solid garage door? The grid work style of this door allows for all those extra beautiful touches to be seen, but still keeps your car safe from potential threats.

5. Small and beautiful.

If you have a small, pretty home and a well-kept garden, the last thing you want to do is overshadow that with the wrong garage door! Here, a small, single garage door finished in white metal is the ideal choice that maintains the really quaint facade styling.

6. Go ultra modern!

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a glass garage door before, but now that we have, it’s all we want! Stylish, understated and just a little showy, which is perfect is you have a sports car, a simple hinged glass door makes this garage a real showstopper.

7. Au naturel wood!

Never underestimate the impact that natural wood can make! As a set of garage doors, few things work better or look more stylish than handcrafted wooden doors and the really great thing is that whatever the size and dimensions of your garage, you can have doors built to fit!

8. The ultimate in security.

When you want to add some serious style to your garage, as well as security, there is one option that simply can’t fail! Custom ironwork is ideal, as you can choose a decorative finish, with sharp spikes at the top, which will deter even the most determined thief!

9. Next level wood.

Natural wood is great for garage doors, but if you want to take things up a notch and still stick to the more organic materials, how about perfectly varnished, striated wood garage doors, made by a carpenter? You could even go all out and choose a parquet design!

10. No doors at all!

Finally, we bring you a very modern and daring choice; no doors at all! If you have a private driveway and live in a secure neighborhood, you might not really need garage doors and if you’ve invested in a stunning car, don’t you want to be able to see it as often as possible?